An Analysis of Japanese Sentence-final Particle Yone: Compare Yone and Ne in Response

Jun Xu
2021 Dialogue and Discourse  
Yone, a Japanese sentence-final particle (SFP), is frequently used in conversation, and some functions overlap with ne, another SFP. However, not much discussion has taken place about their differences. This study argues that the two Japanese sentence-final particles, yone and ne, express a distinction about the speaker's state of mind: yone indicates that an idea has been on the speaker's mind, while ne suggests a thought just emerged into the speaker's awareness. Naturally occurring
more » ... on data provides evidence for this claim. The results show that the particles reflect the speaker's choice of presenting his/her state of awareness.
doi:10.5210/dad.2021.206 fatcat:qbsmzmyitnejddgo7wur2hiyt4