Analysis of Approaches to the Assessment of Psychological Well-Being of Students
Анализ подходов к оценке психологического благополучия школьников

I.B. Umnyashova
2019 Vestnik praktiÄ?eskoj psihologii obrazovaniâ  
The psychological well-being is an essential condition of development and socialization of students. There are several approaches to understandIng and assessing psychological well-being of children and teenagers. The psychological well-being of school schoolchildren is considered by researchers as subjective feeling satisfaction of life or as a condition of psychological health. Multiple-factor models of psychological well-being (M. Yagoda, K. Riff, Yu.V. Bessonova, A.M. Prikhozhan) indicate
more » ... hozhan) indicate the connection of psychological well-being with physiological and socio-psychological characteristics of the personality, which are the basis for self-realization of a person. To develop a program of psychological and pedagogical support aimed at strengthening the psychological wellbeing of schoolchildren, it is relevant to assess the emotional sphere (anxiety, depression, etc.), the cognitive sphere (optimism, reflective abilities), as well as the diagnosis of the characteristics of the social situation of development and the environment child, especially the family development situation and psychological safety of the educational organization.
doi:10.17759/bppe.2019160306 fatcat:vtvtt2bdsfg23l2rjcnubabjry