Looking at Graviton Properties, as Either Classical or QM, in Nature, via Alicki-Van Ryn Experimental Realization

Andrew Beckwith
2012 Open Journal of Microphysics  
Recently, the author read the Alicki-Van Ryn test as to behavior of photons in a test of violations of classicality. The same thing is proposed via use of a spin two graviton, using typical spin 2 matrices. While the technology currently does not exist to perform such an analysis yet, the same sort of thought experiment is proposed in a way to allow for a first principle test of the either classical or quantum foundations of gravity. The reason for the present manuscript topic is due to a
more » ... ic argument presented in a prior document as to how is formed from semiclassical reasoning. We referred to a procedure as to how to use Maxwell's equations involving a closed boundary regime, in the boundary regime between Octonionic Geometry and quantum flat space. Conceivably, a similar argument could be made forgravitons, pending further investigations. Also the anlysis of if gravitons are constructed by a similar semiclassical argument is pending if gravitons as by the Alicki-Van Ryn test result in semiclassical Â and matrix observable eigenvalue behavior. This paper also indirectly raises the question of if Baysian statistics would be the optimal way to differentiate between B A and matrix observable eigenvalue behavior for reasons brought up in the conclusion. B
doi:10.4236/ojm.2012.24007 fatcat:iadk6ytdrfhyjnd7va3r4zreje