Synthesis and characterization of a novel Y-Fe phase via kinetic neutron diffraction

Susan H Kilcoyne, Pascal Manuel, Clemens Ritter
2001 Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter  
Kinetic in situ neutron diffraction has been used to study the crystallization of amorphous Y 67 Fe 33 . The results show that partial crystallization first occurs close to 300 • C where the Y phase is formed. The entire sample crystallizes at 390 • C and new Bragg peaks appear, signifying the formation of a novel Y-Fe phase. This new phase coexists with Y to 450 • C when the Bragg peaks associated with this phase rapidly decrease in intensity and YFe 2 also coexisting with Y, emerges as the
more » ... , emerges as the final crystallization product. Rietveld refinement shows that the new phase crystallizes into a hexagonal structure, space group P 6 3 /mmc, with a = 12.8893(7) Å, c = 11.7006(9) Å and γ = 120 • .
doi:10.1088/0953-8984/13/22/317 fatcat:gztmpw4esfcgpaizj3c46fkp2m