From Phase to Lag Synchronization in Coupled Chaotic Oscillators

Michael G. Rosenblum, Arkady S. Pikovsky, Jürgen Kurths
1997 Physical Review Letters  
We study synchronization transitions in a system of two coupled self-sustained chaotic oscillators. We demonstrate that with the increase of coupling strength the system first undergoes the transition to phase synchronization. With a further increase of coupling, a new synchronous regime is observed, where the states of two oscillators are nearly identical, but one system lags in time to the other. We describe this regime as a state with correlated amplitudes and a constant phase shift. These
more » ... hase shift. These transitions are traced in the Lyapunov spectrum. [S0031-9007(97)03271-7] PACS numbers: 05.45.+b
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.78.4193 fatcat:gvm7ygyorvfejkavjvyyq4jaii