Session-Aware Popularity-based Resource Allocation Across Several Differentiated Service Domains

Paulo Mendes, Henning G. Schulzrinne, Edmundo Monteiro, Columbia University. Computer Science
The Differentiated Services model (DS) maps traffic into network services that have different quality levels. However, inside each service flows can be treated unfairly, since the DS model has no policy to distribute the service bandwidth between all sessions that compose the service aggregate traffic. Our goal is to study a signaling protocol that fairly distributes the resources reserved for each DS service between scalable multimedia sessions in a multicast network environment, where
more » ... ment, where scalable sources divide session traffic in hierarchical layers, sending each layer to different multicast groups. We present a signaling protocol called Session-Aware Popularity Resource Allocation (SAPRA) that allows the distribution of DS services resources along sessions path, based upon the receiver population of each session. Simulations show that SAPRA protocol has small bandwidth overhead, is efficient updating the resources allocated to each session and also supplying receivers with reports about the quality level of their session.
doi:10.7916/d8g16c0j fatcat:3x7onxy4dfgybbydsfrt72f4fe