Analysis of Self-Sufficiency for Seniors

A. Hudakova, L. Majernikova, A. Obrocnikova, D. Magurova, S. Andrascikova, M. Oruc, R. Zelenikova
2019 Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention  
Background. Performance falls in old age and the onset of chronic diseases is developing a series of malfunctions and consequently there is impaired self-sufficiency and dependence. Objective. The aim of this work was to determine how perceived self-sufficiency and quality of life among seniors in the institutional facilities. Methods. We selected in this work a sample of 386 probants with standardized questionnaire surveyed the relationship of self-sufficiency and quality of life of the
more » ... life of the seniors population. Based on statistical comparisons, using Mann-Whitney Test. Results. We found poorer self-sufficiency (gross score in the score 11, 65) in geriatric patients compared with residents in facilities for the elderly (gross score in the score 8, 92). Our study confirmed a clear dependence on the level of self-sufficiency and quality of life of seniors (p < .001). ADL test has being identified in the region of Presov from the group of 1,028 seniors 65 years and older 149 probants who completed the test insufficiently. Conclusions. Recommendations contained in the ADL tests, balance tests and others are part of a comprehensive geriatric assessment. The quality of life of seniors is an important indicator of their care.
doi:10.22359/cswhi_10_4_04 fatcat:scp73xtnk5dw3id24uymkagn2a