Intrinsic energy dissipation in CVD-grown graphene nanoresonators

Zenan Qi, Harold S. Park
2012 Nanoscale  
We utilize classical molecular dynamics to study the the quality (Q)-factors of monolayer CVD-grown graphene nanoresonators. In particular, we focus on the effects of intrinsic grain boundaries of different orientations, which result from the CVD growth process, on the Q-factors. For a range of misorientations orientation angles that are consistent with those seen experimentally in CVD-grown graphene, i.e. 0$^{\circ}$ to $\sim20^{\circ}$, we find that the Q-factors for graphene with intrinsic
more » ... ne with intrinsic grain boundaries are 1-2 orders of magnitude smaller than that of pristine monolayer graphene. We find that the Q-factor degradation is strongly influenced by both the symmetry and structure of the 5-7 defect pairs that occur at the grain boundary. Because of this, we also demonstrate that find the Q-factors CVD-grown graphene can be significantly elevated, and approach that of pristine graphene, through application of modest (1%) tensile strain.
doi:10.1039/c2nr30493g pmid:22538383 fatcat:xtjxqaijmvcsfblmnqelkxvaa4