Characteristics of the fragments produced in central collisions of129Xe+natSnfrom 32Ato 50AMeV

S. Hudan, A. Chbihi, J. D. Frankland, A. Mignon, J. P. Wieleczko, G. Auger, N. Bellaize, B. Borderie, A. Botvina, R. Bougault, B. Bouriquet, A. M. Buta (+32 others)
2003 Physical Review C  
Characteristics of the primary fragments produced in central collisions of 129Xe + natSn from 32 to 50 AMeV have been obtained. By using the correlation technique for the relative velocity between light charged particles (LCP) and fragments, we were able to extract the multiplicities and average kinetic energy of secondary evaporated LCP. We then reconstructed the size and excitation energy of the primary fragments. For each bombarding energy a constant value of the excitation energy per
more » ... over the whole range of fragment charge has been found. This value saturates at 3 AMeV for beam energies 39 AMeV and above. The corresponding secondary evaporated LCP represent less than 40% of all produced particles and decreases down to 23% for 50 AMeV. The experimental characteristics of the primary fragments are compared to the predictions of statistical multifragmentation model (SMM) calculations. Reasonable agreement between the data and the calculation has been found for any given incident energy. However SMM fails to reproduce the trend of the excitation function of the primary fragment excitation energy and the amount of secondary evaporated LCP's.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.67.064613 fatcat:yxe2sxvk2bccnnbhktiuvsr4na