Pressure measurements in the exhaust of a pulsed megawatt MPD ARC thruster

1971 9th Aerospace Sciences Meeting   unpublished
Transient exhaust pressure h i s t o r y shows a l a r g e i n i t i a l pressure pulse (30 psec wide) followed by lower order signals. The v a r i a t i o n of t h i s pulse with source parameters and duct position i s lo4 H/m2 and s t a t i c pressures a r e about lo2 N/m2. A t a fixed position, t h e pulse increases with power, and/or magnetic f i e l d . Generally, t h e pulse occurs: about 10 microseconds after plasma l i g h t arrives, about 10 t o 50 microseconds before plume current a r
more » ... e plume current a r r i v e s and Faraday cup signals occur. n e u t r a l pulse dominates t h e time integrated pressure f o r approximately 100 microseconds: + discussed. The peak dynamic pressures are of order 5: This narrow
doi:10.2514/6.1971-196 fatcat:qnwrixyflfc2hmpawzomeihi6y