Designing online banner advertisements

Michelle E. Bayles
2002 Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems Changing our world, changing ourselves - CHI '02  
A common medium for advertising on the Internet is the use of banner ads. This form of advertisement often combines animation, sophisticated graphics, and even audio to endorse product information. Currently the most extensively used measurement tool for ad effectiveness is click-through rate (Fox, 2000) . This rate is derived by dividing the number of times an ad is clicked by the total number of times the ad appears. However, research by AdKnowledge (2000) reports that online ads drive
more » ... ne ads drive customers to purchase or register at advertisers' sites even without clicking on an ad. The potential of banner ads has yet to be fully realized; the current study is an attempt to better understand ad effectiveness by investigating user awareness rather than click-through rate.
doi:10.1145/503440.503441 fatcat:5xdnzq6myvgrfpg2gebowgbwqm