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2020 unpublished
Review of submitted manuscript "Organized Variations in MBL Cloud Microphysical Properties Observed by Aircraft and Satellite and Simulated by Model" This manuscript investigates aerosol-cloud interactions in marine boundary layer clouds using two case studies from the ACE-ENA field campaign. Each case is split into two regions. Through analysis of aircraft observations, and the inclusion of a WRF simulation modeling one of the cases, the authors conclude that 1) aerosol differences between
more » ... erences between regions is due to drizzle coalescence scavenging, and not variation in background aerosol, and 2) updraft velocity is the key to explaining differences in cloud microphysical processes. While this is very much a relevant area of research, and within C1 ACPD Interactive comment Printer-friendly version Discussion paper
doi:10.5194/acp-2020-817-rc2 fatcat:a52wxjydyzd73f3kl3idwjyqdq