Design and Simulation of the New Ultrasonic Atomizer Using Silicon-Based with One Step Resonator

Yu-Lin Song, Lavanya Bandi
2020 Results in Physics  
The design and simulation of a new generation Fourier amplifier were investigated in this study. The design and characterization of 500 kHz micro fabricated silicon-based ultrasonic atomization is presented for the concept of uniform and fine droplets. Ultrasonic atomizer nozzle is composed of a silicon-based resonator consisting of the Fourier-Horn., drive section and one step part. The atomization of liquid droplets is verified by using the direct modeling CAD software Space Claim and to
more » ... e Claim and to construct a single and three Fourier-Horn Amplifier model. At the same time, the multi-section geometric model is completed by the array geometry function of the CAE numerical software COMSOL and the physical characteristics of the Fourier amplifier designed by the finite element analysis module. The simulation study states that the onset amplitude of single Horn ultrasonic atomizer produces to 6.8μm droplets with a designated frequency of 492 kHz. The types and basic principles of mechanical amplifiers (Horn) and the reason for choosing and the designing of required Fourier amplifiers are explained. The simulation data fit well with experimental data. Micro-droplets are steady and uniformly formed after the liquid feeding rate is optimized. This newly designed ultrasonic atomizer facilitates the development of capillary surface-wave resonance at a designated frequency and easy to form atomization of a liquid drop. There are many uses for uniform and fine droplets, for example, it can be used as a precursor for making micro-sized drops, and can be used as a coating to form extremely fine surfaces; it can increase the surface of droplets, increase evaporation speed and even fuel rate; can be suspended Drugs enter the lungs directly and are absorbed into the blood, treatment of inner ear diseases, nose diseases, and even eye cares can use this single Horn atomizer with a tube.
doi:10.1016/j.rinp.2020.103166 fatcat:3oube23sefgudf55zbi2ydlkla