Lymphography in mediastinal lymph node hyperplasia. Report of two cases

M Nishimine, M Sako, A Kubota, S Okada
1974 Lymphology  
In two cases of mediastinal lymph node hyperplasia lymphography was performed in an a~tempt to evaluate the retroperitoneal lymphatic system. Since the lymphograms show the non-spe~c pa~tern of lymphoid hyperplasia, they do not allow a differential diagnosis, but suggest that the disease IS more general than hitherto suspected. Mediastinal lymph node hyperplasia has been regarded as a benign tumor-like m~ of unknown etiology, which histologically and radiologically resembles thymoma. Smce
more » ... man (1, 2) first described this rare and specific entity in 1954, only about 50 cases have been reported in the literature, eight of them in our country (3, 4, 5). Permission granted for single print for individual use. Reproduction not permitted without permission of Journal LYMPHOLOGY.
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