Wm.Henderson Grant
1864 The Lancet  
161 may be disputed whether it is not a much greater advantage to have suppuration of the wound for many days after the operation rather than that simple union which the surgeon is generally so anxious to obtain. "-p. 21. Amongst the cases of cancer of the ovaries is a very interesting one of a girl under ten years of age. We believe this to be the youngest instance on record; and it is important to note that the girl was very much addicted to masturbation. It is to be feared that the great
more » ... that the great frequency of diseases of the female generative organs is in some way connected with this evil habit, as it undoubtedly is with excessive sexual indulgence. The subject is of vast importance ; and, though undoubtedly presenting many and great difficulties, requires a thorough investigation. Dr. Tanner does not mention the subject except with reference to carcinoma of the uterus; and here he altogether disputes the proposition. Nevertheless, our experience on the general question, not with special reference to cancer, is in favour of the view expressed above. Details of no less than 92 cases of cancer of the uterus are given. Of these, 80 were unmarried, 10 were widows, 1 was single but had borne a child, 1 only was really single, and in her case the deposit was secondary. Only 12 of the whole number had never been pregnant ; while the rest had each averaged 6k pregnancies, which, as the author remarks, is above the average, and " seems to show that childbearing predisposes in some measure to cancer of the uterus." The pamphlet is a valuable contribution to the subject; the tables are carefully drawn up, and are very useful and easy of reference. __ __
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)59303-x fatcat:fi5dkw4dq5dppjtonrkrttqk6q