Observatorio de cienciometría USTA: Estado del arte Scopus - Objetivo de desarrollo sostenible – ciudades y comunidades sostenibles [book]

Cristian Alexander Vega Mosquera, Camilo Alejandro Corchuelo Rodríguez, Karol Piza Amado, Luz Marina Páez
2020 unpublished
His report shows the current status and trends of Scopus publications related to the theme "Sustainable Development Goal -Sustainable Cities and Communities". The figures of the publications, citations, collaborations and trends among others are presented. This is an input for the USTA academic community whose objective is to identify global trends in publications for joint lines and research groups.
doi:10.15332/dt.inv.2020.01120 fatcat:lrp3ypmpxnc7porfggbxyqxcye