Environmental Concern in the Vedās

Iti Chattopadhyay
2017 IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science  
In recent times, one of the major and serious problems the entire world is witnessing is environmental degradation such as ozone layer depletion, global warming and loss of biodiversity. Cutting trees randomly, polluting air, water and soil whimsically, killing non-human animals mercilessly and unnecessarily and using the natural resources excessively have become natural and regular phenomena that have brought the threat to annihilation of all living beings on earth because trees, water, air,
more » ... il and other natural resources are fundamental requirements for survival of all forms of life. To get rid of this alarming crisis, scientists, theologians, ethicists and social activists are looking for ways and means. In fact, we find that the last two decades have witnessed many treaties, summits, conventions and protocols in order to protect and conserve the whole environment. But if we go back to the ancient ages, we find that the Sacred Texts of almost all major religions of the world contain the messages of environmental protection and its conservation. They advocate that the abuse and exploitation of nature for our selfish interest is unjust and unethical. We can find many examples of moral teachings in the Sacred Texts of various religions that shed light on the caring of environment. This paper will attempt to explore the environmental awareness in the Vedās, the Principal Sacred Texts of Hinduism.
doi:10.9790/0837-2206042123 fatcat:kdn7y2h5z5b53g7tncs3ubewkq