A Tamilendhi
International Journal of Global Engineering   unpublished
The technology of mobiles are growing increasingly in developing countries like india. There have been several new researches and developments in this space.Now a days,The rapid advancement in the technologies,ease of use and the falling costs of devices,make the mobile an appropriate and adaptable tool to bridge the digital divide.The low-cost mobile phones availability and he already broad coverage of GSM networks in india is a huge opportunity to provide services that would trigger
more » ... t and improve people lives. Mobile health care provision in the home environment presents many challenges. It is a term used for the practice of medicine and public health supported by mobile devices. In mobile communication devices such as mobile phones,tablet & computer PDAs it is a most commonly used reference in emergencies. Health Care is very important factor in life,may be due to unexpected changes in health may causes some health problem in our daily life like sudden heart attack or occurrence of accidents,due to sudden occurrence of problem in health it may leads to serious conditions. In such situations the problem has to solved quickly and without any loss of life. To reduce this problem our paper is going to present a topic called "Application for Health care in mobile devices".The mobile application we have attempted to build will require connecting to the internet through GPRS(General Packet Radio Service)and track the location of user once the message from the user received its need not to note the location of user by getting address .After tracking the location of user, its is informed to the health centers which is near to that location received. Then the service will be provided to them by nearby health centers.