Risk factors of poor prognosis and impairment of activities of daily living in patients with hemorrhagic gastroduodenal ulcers [post]

Junya Arai, Jun Kato, Nobuo Toda, Ken Kurokawa, Chikako Shibata, Shigeyuki Kurosaki, Kazuyoshi Funato, Mayuko Kondo, Kaoru Takagi, Kentaro Kojima, Takamasa Ohki, Michiharu Seki (+1 others)
2020 unpublished
Background: Impairment of activities of daily living (ADL) due to hemorrhagic gastroduodenal ulcers (HGU) has rarely been evaluated. We analyzed the risk factors of poor prognosis, including mortality and impairment of ADL, in patients with HGU.Methods: In total, 582 patients diagnosed with HGU were retrospectively analyzed. Necessity to look for care facilities to admit or requirement of home modifications during the hospitalization period was defined as ADL decline. The clinical factors were
more » ... valuated: endoscopic features, need for interventional endoscopic procedures, comorbidities, symptoms, and medications. The risk factors of outcomes were examined with multivariate analysis.Results: Advanced age (> 75 years) was a significant predictor of poor prognosis, including impairment of ADL. Additional significant risk factors were renal disease (odds ratio [OR], 3.43; 95% confidence interval [CI], 1.44–8.14) for overall mortality, proton pump inhibitor (PPIs) usage prior to hemorrhage (OR, 5.80; 95% CI, 2.08–16.2), and heart disease (OR, 3.05; 95% CI, 1.11–8.43) for the impairment of ADL. Analysis of elderly (> 75 years) subjects alone also revealed that use of PPIs prior to hemorrhage was a significant predictor for the impairment of ADL (OR, 8.24; 95% CI, 2.36–28.7).Conclusion: In addition to advanced age, the presence of comorbidities was a risk of poor outcomes in patients with HGU. PPI use prior to hemorrhage was a significant risk factor for the impairment of ADL, both in overall HGU patients and in elderly patients alone. These findings suggest that the current strategy for PPI use needs reconsideration.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-19921/v2 fatcat:4c3fzulenzdijo2mtqwvpykvbq