Book Review: The Spiritual Meaning of "In Memoriam"The Spiritual Meaning of "In Memoriam". By DixonJames Main, of the University of Southern California. Abingdon Press, New York. 173 pp. $1.00

Henry W. Tiffany
1920 Review & Expositor  
ness and doubt. His treatment of the economic, political, commercial and governmental conditions of the world is excellent, but when he turns to the religious situation, the volume is disappointing. Many shortcomings of the church are pointed out in dogmatic statements, without an iota of proof, such as "What ails her (the church) is that she is maintaining a world-view, with its accompanying scale of values, which belongs to the outmoded order of ideas". The appeal is for a larger place of
more » ... ONALISM in our religion. This crops out throughout the pages in such expressions as, "Jesus, ethical, and spiritual flower of our humanity, is, ipso facto, chief witness to, expression of, the character of Divine Being; hence since that Being works in and through us all, we differ from the Lord Jesus in immeasurable degree, but not in kind." The nearest answer to the question of the title is in the following summary: "What the church needs then for her salvation is a new accession of faith. If she will say, in the spirit of her founder: We believe that this isa friendly and intelligible universe where free inquiry is a part of its order and questions bring results; we do not fear that man's ethical and spiritual life will dwindle even though its outer forms and farments are utterly changed; we believe that holiness and goodness are eternal elements in the world, and by their very nature, unconquerable and not dependent upon Greek Christologies, old codes and mediseval philosophies, that faith will save her." Whether or not we agree with the author, the volume is well worth studying, and the first six chapters are especially suggestive to the busy pastor.
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