Peatland dynamics simulation model: a literature review and modelling design [report]

Campbell, I.; Yu, Zhongtang
This report br iefly reviews the existing conceptual and simulation models for peatlands and pr ovides an outline for developing a model to simulate peatland dynamics in western continent al Canada. The model is designed to be generic in structur e but can be validated using estimated parameter s and observed peat accumulation data for continental bor eal peatlands. Th e available data from peat pr ofiles and field measurements ar e used to understand the under lying pr ocesses that govern
more » ... and development at differ ent temporal scales. These empir ical data ar e also used to estimat e parameters for the model input s. The object ives of the pr oposed model ar e (1) to under st and the inter act ions of different biological and environmental fact or s in boreal peatlands, (2) to realist ically simulate peat accumulat ion and decay over the last several millennia using pr oxy paleoclimate data as dr ivers and peat pr ofi les as validations, and (3) to pr oj ect the fut ur e change of peatlands as at mospheric carbon sources or sinks under differ ent climate change scenarios, disturbance regimes and management pr actices. The basic appr oach is to build a model based on current under st anding of peatland pr ocesses and supported by available field data.
doi:10.7939/r3mj5v fatcat:jzntkyce45dtrnujmj2j4wwvna