Higher Education of Social Science Ideological and Political Work Should Pay Attention to the Cultivation and Enhancement of the Quality of Educators and Educatees: Based on the Study of Chinese Communist Party's Ideological and Political Work During the Anti-Japanese War

Wanqin Hu
2015 unpublished
Ideological and political work is human-oriented work and it is an interactive process of educators and educatees. During the anti-Japanese war, no matter of anti-Japanese bases or the rear areas, the Chinese Communist Party not only emphasized the enhancement of educators' quality, but also enhanced the quality of educatees through appropriate approaches to ensure the efficiency of ideological and political work. The practice of CCP's ideological and political work during the anti-Japanese war
more » ... tells us that, we must pay same attention to the cultivation and enhancement of the quality of educators and educatees in ideological and political work and either can be neglected.