Sciences and Natural Resources, 2-Associate Professor of Animal Management

R Sechoobi, A Yazdani, S Yekani, R Kamalabadi
Poultry meat is one of the most important foods and its economic production is essential. To increase efficiency and productivity of an enterprise, cost of production is needed to be reduced. This study aimed to investigate the efficiency of broiler production in the city of Neyshabour. This research was conducted through a census sampling method and interviews with breeders through documents, existing data and fill out a questionnaire for 60 broiler farms that were active in 2013. After the
more » ... lysis of existing situation, using data collected from the farms, the Cobb-Douglas were estimated. The results revealed that the production function was significant for variables feed costs, health care costs, insurance costs and the energy cost (electricity and fuel). Using the estimated function, indices of average production and marginal production were also calculated. Average productivity costs of feed, health care costs, insurance and energy in all the samples were 0.0012, 0.125, 0.019 and 0.189, respectively. Marginal productivity costs of feed, health care, insurance and energy were 0.00087,-0.0017, 0.011 and 0.058, respectively. According to the results, feed cost had the biggest of elasticity of production and that its coefficient was positive which is important point in the enterprise. The elasticity of production of health care costs was negative showing the usage of this input is high. Positive elasticity of insurance and energy costs show that these inputs are used in a rational and optimum way in the broiler farms.