Researches Regarding the Mechanical Properties of a NewHybrid Vegetal Resin

Cosmin Mihai Miritoiu, Marius Marinel Stănescu, Dumitru Bolcu
2020 Materiale plastice  
The paper presents the mechanical behaviour and properties of a new hybrid vegetal based resin. For this, through static loading tests, the main mechanical characteristics were determined: static Young modulus, breaking strength, breaking elongation and transversal Poisson ratio. Samples of the proposed materials were subjected also to free vibration tests, by clamping them at one end and leaving them free at the other. The observation and results from these were used for deduction of the first
more » ... uction of the first vibration mode eigenfrequency, the dynamic Young modulus, the loss and damping factors. Some representative SEM images with an electronic microscope were collected and the samples surface roughness was determined. By using the Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), the mass loss up to 800� C was investigated. Compared to the other resins that have dammar in composition, the proposed dammar based resin from this research has a 15.32 times higher static Young modulus than the oil palm trunk and 8.885 times higher than the oil palm trunk (OPT) with 20% dammar resin.
doi:10.37358/mp.20.1.5310 fatcat:pqjavw3o55ffrc4jvvgszpymtm