Наджафова Марина Николаевна
2020 Азимут научных исследований: экономика и управление, № 1(30) 29.02.2020  
In modern socio-economic conditions, the insurance market is one of the most dynamic and actively developing areas. Today in Russia, the insurance market has become an integral part of the financial market and includes two main areas of insurance - voluntary and compulsory. The deterioration of the economic situation in recent years has dealt the most significant blow to voluntary types of insurance, since they are the insurance business and the demand for them is largely determined by the
more » ... ability of appropriate financial resources from organizations and the public. The study examined the impact of the economic crisis and sanctions on the development of compulsory and voluntary types of insurance in the federal districts of the Russian Federation based on an assessment of the dynamics of the number of contracts concluded, and established trends and their causes were identified. It has been established that today the basis of the insurance market of the Russian Federation is voluntary types of insurance, the number of contracts concluded under which during the period 2014-2019. increased from 114.3 million to 168.1 million. In the context of the federal districts of the country, there is a significant territorial differentiation in the development of both voluntary and compulsory types of insurance. In both areas, the leader is the Central Federal District, which accounts for the vast majority of concluded contracts, and the smallest developed insurance market in the North Caucasus Federal District. The current situation is most due to the general level of socio-economic development of the federal districts and the standard of living in them, since this is what determines the population's ability to purchase various types of insurance services, especially those related to voluntary types of insurance.
doi:10.26140/anie-2020-0902-0055 fatcat:7xixjw6kw5d2tldact4d7wm43e