Photon echoes of polyatomic molecules in condensed phases

Yi Jing Yan, Shaul Mukamel
1991 Journal of Chemical Physics  
A theory of optical echo spectroscopies of large polyatomic molecules in condensed phases is developed. Using phase space correlation functions, we examine the interrelationships among the following optical measurements: ordinary photon echo, stimulated photon echo, accumulated photon echo, incoherent accumulated photon echo, and pump-probe absorption. Conditions for the elimination of inhomogeneous broadening in these experiments are specified. A multimode Brownian oscillator model is used to
more » ... r model is used to account for high frequency molecular vibrations, as well as solvent modes, and electronic dephasing processes. The effects of quantum beats, spectral diffusion, and homogeneous dephasing on the echo signals are studied and compared in detail with pump-probe and hole burning spectroscopy.
doi:10.1063/1.460376 fatcat:uwbdydcqkfdx7bbfd4fw7fqqcq