Numerical Comparison of Driving Cycles with Different Electric Motors (IM and PM) Operated in a Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Hüseyin Turan ARAT
2018 European Journal of Science and Technology  
The motor / generator instrument, which is the one of the key important components of hybrid electric vehicles, influence vehicle efficiency and emission scale with its types and features. For that reason, the electric motor (electric machine-EM) selection and identification are playing a crucial role. In this simulation study, effects of two different motors, Induction and Permanent Magnet (IM and PM) to emission and performance were compared for two driving cycles (FTP75 and NEDC) on a serial
more » ... configuration hybrid electric vehicle which modeled with AVL Cruise. The general purpose of the work is, selecting electric motors that they have same output powers although the rotational speeds are different; and modeled for the same vehicle and identifing the effects of different driving cycles on the vehicles were compared. HEVs performance and emission results illustrated and electric machines performances and efficiency maps are graphically charted. Overall performance and emission outputs for two different driving cycles are discussed detailed. Also, a general concluded summary table that related the performance and emission outputs of different machines usage is presented. As a result, according to these modeling and test results, PM motor is more efficient than IM motor on overall simulation results, especially decreases the emission values at high speeds.
doi:10.31590/ejosat.494127 fatcat:xa6m45uiiffvdhmkkdqvs2dse4