Arlekin, the Beggar

Elena Guro, James Richie
2020 [sic]  
Over the chimneys, streaks of clouds and smoke across the sky. It is a wet and dismal night. A Saint-Petersburg mansion. In the lordly entrance, stands ARLEKIN in his tights and bells, and he follows the walkers with his eyes. TEACHER (enters, music is heard in the distance) ARLEKIN: Let me guide you. TEACHER: Impudent! ARLEKIN: Ah, no. Have pity! Please, let me guide you... Just from afar. TEACHER: Where are the police when you need them? ARLEKIN (somewhat breaking): My autumn looooove...
more » ... ER: Leave me! ARLEKIN (earnestly, and with misunderstood power): My queen... TEACHER (is silent) Changing Pieces No. 1 -Year 11 12/2020 -LT.4
doi:10.15291/sic/ fatcat:2346v2wxvbdtdbvohnb5yulna4