Little Conformal Symmetry [chapter]

Kitran Macey M. Colwell
2017 Dualities, Helicity Amplitudes, and Little Conformal Symmetry  
We explore a new class of natural models which ensure the one-loop divergences in the Higgs mass are cancelled. The top-partners that cancel the top loop are new gauge bosons, and the symmetry relation that ensures the cancellation arises at an infrared fixed point. Such a cancellation mechanism can, a la Little Higgs models, push the scale of new physics that completely solves the hierarchy problem up to 5-10 TeV. When embedded in a supersymmetric model, the stop and gaugino masses provide the
more » ... masses provide the cutoffs for the loops, and the mechanism ensures a cancellation between the stop and gaugino mass dependence of the Higgs mass parameter.
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-67392-9_5 fatcat:zakczcr75ngo3fh74shypbajru