Response Referee 1 [post]

2020 unpublished
Dear Referee 1, Thank you for your comments and the opportunity of revising our paper on "Humaninduced influence on eggs and larval fish transport in a subtropical estuary" for publication in Biogeosciences. We are also grateful for your insightful comments, and the sug- C1 BGD Interactive comment Printer-friendly version Discussion paper comment Printer-friendly version Discussion paper Eleven (11) sigma levels were considered in the vertical and distributed from the bottom to
more » ... he sea surface." (Inserted on line 212). 4. It seems that you are using the Euler scheme to calculate the movement of the particles (page 5, line 230). Is there are reason you are not using a higher-order scheme that are generally known to be more accurate? Response: The Lagrangian model used is already included in the TELEMAC-3D model and works coupled with the hydrodynamic model. We have opted to use the scheme available in the most updated version of TELEMAC-3D.
doi:10.5194/bg-2020-281-ac1 fatcat:avjyapgfgzebpdby5xyyuld3f4