Keck Spectroscopy of Distant GOODS Spheroidal Galaxies: Downsizing in a Hierarchical Universe

Tommaso Treu, Richard S. Ellis, Ting X. Liao, Pieter G. van Dokkum
2005 Astrophysical Journal  
We analyze the evolution of the Fundamental Plane for 141 field spheroidal galaxies in the redshift range 0.2<z<1.2, selected morphologically to a magnitude limit F850LP=22.43 in the northern field of the Great Observatories Origin Survey. For massive galaxies we find that the bulk of the star formation was completed prior to z=2. However, for the lower mass galaxies, the luminosity-weighted ages are significantly younger. The differential change in mass-to-light ratio correlates closely with
more » ... st-frame color, consistent with recent star formation and associated growth. Our data are consistent with mass rather than environment governing the overall growth, contrary to the expectations of hierarchical assembly. We discuss how feedback, conduction, and galaxy interactions may explain the downsizing trends seen within our large sample.
doi:10.1086/429374 fatcat:uxcewmea75edreapbsl36sl2re