EISSN 2394-6350) Journal of Ayurveda Physicians and Surgeons (Peer Reviewed)

Ashish Thatere, Prakash Kabra, Satyendra Vishwakarma, Ashwini Gaonkar, Pawan Chauhan
2017 Journal of Ayurveda Physicians & Surgeons (Peer Review Journal   unpublished
A male of about 40 years having multiple lesions of leucoderma on both legs for more than six months was treated by an Ayurveda physician with local application of Bakuchi oil. But the patient got hypersensitive reaction with symptoms of local itching, oedema, acute pain and shiny redness, so he came to Government Ayurved College and Hospital, Nagpur for further treatment. He was applied two Jalauka on the bigger lesions of both legs respectively. The intensity of pain was drastically reduced.
more » ... astically reduced. The oedema and itching were also reduced along with change in colour locally. Jalaukavacharana is beneficial in Rakta Dushtijanya Tvaka Vikar (C.S.24/19). After getting this overwhelming reduction in symptoms he was taken for few more settings of Jalaukavacharana periodically. Ayurvedic medicines were also administered internally. Results were encouraging. Photographs, discussion and conclusion will be presented in full paper.