Efficiency of Vierendeel Girder, Post-tensioned Girders and Steel Beams for Long Cantilevers in Buildings

M. Faisal Fadlelbari
2021 FES Journal of Engineering Sciences  
Cantilevers are a part of our life, they are everywhere: bridg–es, building's balconies, traffic signs, car parking shades even the aircraft's wings. The long cantilevers of the buildings always present as a big challenge to structural engineers in their practice life. The structural behavior of these cantilevers depends on a several factors, such as rigidity of the slab, rigidity of columns or walls, span continuity... etc. But the real dilemma lies in the economical choice. This paper focused
more » ... on the cantilever's structural analysis according to the used structural. Moreover, it shows a comparison between three structural system choices: Vierendeel Girder, Post - Tensioned Girders and Steel Composite Beam in a graph. The objective of this paper is to give a guideline to the structural engineers to choose the optimum system of the building cantilevers according to the factors mentioned earlier. At the end, the paper illustrated the Vierendeel girder is the most efficient system for cantilevers. Accordingly, recommendations result on that up to 4.0 m cantilever length steel beams will be enough, for more than 4.0 and less than or equal to 6.0 m post-tension is recommended, and for more than 6.0 m cantilever we should use Vierendeel girder.
doi:10.52981/fjes.v9i1.662 fatcat:arxddreb4vfzjjh4brw5k5cpjm