Branes ending on branes in a tachyon model

Koji Hashimoto, Shinji Hirano
2001 Journal of High Energy Physics  
In a tachyon model proposed by Minahan and Zwiebach and derived in the boundary string field theory, we construct various new solutions which correspond to nontrivial brane configurations in string theory. Our solutions include Dp-D(p-2) bound states, (F, Dp) bound states, string junctions, D(p-2)-branes ending on a Dp-brane, D(p-2)-branes suspended between parallel Dp-branes and their non-commutative generalizations. We find the Bogomol'nyi bounds and the BPS equations for some of our
more » ... ome of our solutions, and check the physical consistency of our solutions with the D-brane picture by looking at the distributions of their energies and RR-charges in space. We also give conjectures for a few other brane configurations.
doi:10.1088/1126-6708/2001/04/003 fatcat:wqnd7622ljdqtducg35xyrzv24