Magnetic properties of Co-doped SnO: first-principles calculations

Xing-Yi Tan, Chang-Le Chen, Ke-Xin Jin, Xian-Sheng Cao, Hui Xing
2011 Chinese Physics B  
Based on density functional theory calculations, the electronic and magnetic properties of Co-doped SnO are investigated. It is found that the spin-polarized state, with a magnetic moment of about 1.0 µ B per Co-dopant, is more favorable in energy than the non-spin-polarized state. Moreover, the origin of the ferromagnetism in Co-doped SnO is found to be the double exchange mechanism. Our results indicate that Co-doped SnO is a possible candidate of the p-type spintronics material.
doi:10.1088/1674-1056/20/5/057101 fatcat:z4hdpfyngrdgnlsmw4pyjn2lwe