A Fast Intra Prediction Method Using Quadtree Structure and SATD in HEVC Encoder
쿼드트리 구조와 SATD를 이용한 HEVC 인코더의 고속 인트라 예측 방식

Youngjo Kim, Jaeseok Kim
2014 Journal of the Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers  
This paper proposes a fast intra prediction method to reduce encoding time for the HEVC(high-efficiency video coding) encoder. The proposed fast Intra prediction method uses quadtree structure and SATD(Sum of Absolute Transformed Differences). In HEVC, a 8×8 SATD value using 8×8 hadamard transform is used to calculate a SATD value for 8×8 or larger blocks. The proposed method calculates the best SATD value by using each 8×8 SATD result in 16×16 or larger blocks. After that, the proposed method
more » ... he proposed method removes a candidate mode for RDO(Rate-Distortion Optimization) based on comparing SATD of the candidate mode and the best SATD. By removing candidate modes, the proposed method reduces the operation of RDO and reduces total encoding time. In 8×8 block, the proposed method uses additional 4×4 SATD to calculat the best SATD. The experimental results show that the proposed method achieved 5.08% reduction in encoding time compared to the HEVC test model 12.1 encoder with almost no loss in compression performance.
doi:10.5573/ieie.2014.51.3.129 fatcat:5vz2nppugvb43lnsg63dob2qla