Utilizing quantum dot transistors with programmable threshold voltages for low-power mobile computing

Shuo Wang, Jianwei Dai, El-Sayed Hasaneen, Lei Wang, Faquir Jain
2009 ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems  
Power consumption poses one of the fundamental barriers for deploying mobile computing devices in energy-constrained situations with varying operation conditions. In particular, leakage power is projected to increase exponentially in future semiconductor process nodes. This challenging problem is pressing for renewed focus on power-performance optimization at all levels of design abstract, from novel device structures to fundamental shifts in design paradigm. In this paper, we propose to
more » ... e propose to exploit the programmable threshold voltage quantum dot (QD) transistors to reduce leakage thereby improving the energy efficiency for mobile computing. The unique programmability and reconfigurability enabled by QD transistors extend our capability in design optimization for new power-performance tradeoffs. Simulation results demonstrate the significant leakage reduction over conventional techniques.
doi:10.1145/1568485.1568489 fatcat:jdavlrm6hjf25jucrexiqqvmkq