Synthesis and Physical Properties of NbMnP Single Crystals

Jianda Zhao, Zhixue Shu, Ranuri S. Dissanayaka Mudiyanselage, Weiwei Xie, Tai Kong
2022 Magnetism  
Single crystalline NbMnP was grown by the high-temperature solution growth technique and characterized by room temperature X-ray diffraction, temperature- and field-dependent magnetization, temperature-dependent resistivity, and heat capacity measurements. NbMnP is isostructural to TiNiSi with the space group of Pnma. Physical characterizations suggest that NbMnP is metallic and goes through an anti-ferromagnet transition at around 230 K with a weak magnetic anisotropy. A small ferromagnetic component is found to be perpendicular to [010].
doi:10.3390/magnetism2020013 fatcat:sc7uzzzxwzbbzoo72b5sko2cby