Lagrangian homology spheres in (Am) Milnor fibres via ℂ∗–equivariantA∞–modules

Paul Seidel
2012 Geometry and Topology  
We establish restrictions on Lagrangian embeddings of rational homology spheres into certain open symplectic manifolds, namely the (A_m) Milnor fibres of odd complex dimension. This relies on general considerations about equivariant objects in module categories (which may be applicable in other situations as well), as well as results of Ishii-Uehara and Ishii-Ueda-Uehara concerning the derived categories of coherent sheaves on the resolutions of (A_m) surface singularities.
doi:10.2140/gt.2012.16.2343 fatcat:s7gw6mjlzjanrcwk5m5l3zy2ni