Morphological Pattern of Bone Lesions: Study of 204 Cases

Suad Mohamed Omer, HananAbdoSalim, HussunSaeedJezan
2019 Zenodo  
Objective: To study histopathology of bone lesions and correlate them with age, gender and site of occurrence Subject and Methods: Retrospective study done of all bone lesions in for a period of 6 years from January 2008‑December 2014 was done. Results: Bone lesions were more common in males124 (60.8%) than in females80 (39.2%) (p-value < 0.005) The most frequent age group affected with bone lesion was less than 20 105(51.5%). Amongst non-neoplastic lesions, nonspecific osteomyelitis 24(11.8%)
more » ... nd actimomycosis19 (9.3%) affected all age groups. The most common benign tumors was osteochondroma representing 50(24.5%) while Giant cell tumor was the second frequent 31(15.2%). Osteosarcoma was diagnosed in 14(13.6%) cases Amongst the tumor like lesions, the commonest were the simple cyst 11(5.4%) predominant in age 20-40. ( p-value < 0.001). Actinomycosis affected only metatarsal bone 19(9.3 %). Nonspecific osteomyelitis 12(5.9%), tuberculous osteomyelitis 5(2.5%) The frequent site of benign, malignant bone tumors and tumor-like lesions, was in tibia( p-value < .001) Conclusion: There is male preponderance for bone lesions. Nonspecific osteomyelitis was most frequent non-neoplastic bone lesions. Among the bone tumors, osteochondroma and osteosarcoma were common. Tibia was the frequent site affected.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3933003 fatcat:i7l2bisfb5hbliaciwdidvtdmq