Inequalities for quantum entropy: A review with conditions for equality

Mary Beth Ruskai
2002 Journal of Mathematical Physics  
This paper presents self-contained proofs of the strong subadditivity inequality for quantum entropy and some related inequalities for the quantum relative entropy, most notably its convexity and its monotonicity under stochastic maps. Moreover, the approach presented here, which is based on Klein's inequality and one of Lieb's less well-known concave trace functions, allows one to obtain conditions for equality. Using the fact that the Holevo bound on the accessible information in a quantum
more » ... ion in a quantum ensemble can be obtained as a consequence of the monotonicity of relative entropy, we show that equality can be attained for that bound only when the states in the ensemble commute. The paper concludes with an Appendix giving a short description of Epstein's elegant proof of the relevant concavity theorem of Lieb.
doi:10.1063/1.1497701 fatcat:eynze5srcjbz5hjv66k25n37ni