Carter's Ditching and Excavating Machine

1890 Scientific American  
�dtutifit �tutrjcau. AN IMPROVED PERFORATING WHEEL. ; nary plug with a head and with coarse screw thread, A wheel for perforating paper, as checks, drafts, etc. , as shown in our engraving. The plug is applied as to be separated from duplicates or stubs, is shown usual, an oakum packing being first put in, then the herewith and has been patented by Messrs. Joseph lead balking. This makes a perfectly strong and tight Jensik and Charles Stoll, of Chicago, Ill. This wheel seal. To remove it is
more » ... To remove it is only necessary to apply a wrench is mainly designed for use in paper-ruling machines, and unscrew the plug. When the plug is removed and
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican04191890-245c fatcat:l4tcruccmrbcjjzwfnag3xleem