Experimental simulation of alternating aerodynamic load induced by tunnel passing of high-speed train [post]

Qianxuan Wang, Zhelong Hu, Xifeng Liang, Yitong Wu, Wei Zhou, Yi Yang, Xiangnan Xu
2020 unpublished
Tunnel passing in high speed produces aerodynamic load on railway train, which brings about fatigue failure on the car-body, and damages passenger comfort due to interior penetration of the alternating wave. Experimental simulation of the alternating load remains a challenge concerning its accuracy and reliability. In this work, experiment approaches in terms of air compression and air suction were developed, in an attempt to simulate the air pressure variation when the train runs through
more » ... s. Pros and cons of the introduced methods were analyzed by theoretical calculation and numerical simulation, and further validated in experimental tests. It is revealed that in air compression means of eccentric wheel and stepping motor propulsion, pressure
doi:10.22541/au.160378226.62310792/v1 fatcat:yb3iud63ljglvmiv3c3hild2ai