The Traditional Knowledge of Some Phenorogames of Molkhow-Valley District Chitral

Kifayatullah, Jan Alam, Haidar Ali, Habib Ahmad, Said Muhammad
2017 Science Arena Publications Specialty Journal of Biological Sciences Available   unpublished
The present study deals with the documentation of traditional knowledge of some Phenorogames in Mulkhow valley, District Chitral. A total of 60 taxa were documented as being used by ethic group for different purposes. Out of these, 39 species were herbs, 12 shrubs and 9 trees. Maximum taxa are belonging to Asteraceae 11(18.33%), Papilionaceae, Apiacae, and Solanaceae come to next with 5(8.33%) species in each, followed by Lamiaceae 3(5%), leguminaceae, Irridaceae and Plantaginaceae 2(3.33%)
more » ... naceae 2(3.33%) species in each, the remaining families contain 1 species in each. The taxa are used for different purposes such as medicine, traditional food, fodder, fuel, timber, thatching etc. Out of the total, 34 species were used as medicinal purposes, 6 species were used as traditional food, and 6 species were used as fodder. The remaining species were used for fencing, timber, fire wood, harvesting material etc. Majority of plant parts were used in the form of decoction and were used orally. Unsustainable utilization of taxa, soil erosion, over grazing, and poor harvesting method seem to be potential threats for the flora.