Alexandra Maria GALAN
2016 Ecoforum  
The current framework of the society is the result of the actions that were taken in the direction of development by all the organizations that have activities in a business environment that is constantly changing. The complexity of the factors that influence the way of doing business has led to the appearance of new resources, which will support the evolution of the economic organizations, namely the knowledge. Therefor it is created a new context whose base is represented by the information
more » ... d the human capital. In order to achieve a certain level of the economic performance, the business organization must identify measures and strategies that can insure obtaining competitive advantages. Research and development has become the main method that helps companies and states in order to evolve and find new solutions for the current and future challenges. The increasing interest for activities that have as result innovation seems to be the best option for each participant at the productive actions on the market. The knowledge based economies have as base innovation, research, education, but most of all human capital. Taking into consideration these aspects, the economic entities will initiate action that need to be performant according to the requirements of the current level of development of the society, but also will plan strategically the future directions, in order to face the change.
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