Medicinal Plants of Trinidad and Tobago: Selection of Antidiabetic Remedies [thesis]

Angelle L. Bullard-Roberts
All rights reserved. iv DEDICATION I dedicate this dissertation to my mother, Arline B. Andrews-Bullard (28♥04♥1945 ~ 16♥07♥2015 who introduced me to Ethnobotany without even knowing it! Visits to family and friends became plant collection field trips that produced a veritable Garden of Eden in our backyard. Episodes of accident or illness among her five offspring became testing grounds for many natural remedies which she had read about in her health and recipe book collection. Then in her role
more » ... n. Then in her role as manager of our family-owned health-food store, that knowledge that she had gathered from field and literature was imparted to anyone who would listen. Though I did not inherit Mommy's gifts of fecundity, I earnestly hope to leave an indelible mark in the lives of T&T's people with my medicinal plant research. v ACKNOWLEDGMENTS So many to thank, so few pages... Thanks be to God, for life and a measure of health and mental fortitude to finally see this moment.
doi:10.25148/etd.fidc000775 fatcat:wijxt3iuhfe53omeqkyfv2vaq4