Automatic rigging and animation of 3D characters

Ilya Baran, Jovan Popović
2007 ACM Transactions on Graphics  
Animating an articulated 3D character currently requires manual rigging to specify its internal skeletal structure and to define how the input motion deforms its surface. We present a method for animating characters automatically. Given a static character mesh and a generic skeleton, our method adapts the skeleton to the character and attaches it to the surface, allowing skeletal motion data to animate the character. Because a single skeleton can be used with a wide range of characters, our
more » ... od, in conjunction with a library of motions for a few skeletons, enables a user-friendly animation system for novices and children. Our prototype implementation, called Pinocchio, typically takes under a minute to rig a character on a modern midrange PC.
doi:10.1145/1239451.1239523 fatcat:tosrhctejvaifklnscnay6wk64