Quantification of 4D Left Ventricular Blood Flow in Health and Disease [book]

Jonatan Eriksson
2013 unpublished
The main function of the heart is to pump blood throughout the cardiovascular system by generating pressure differences created through volume changes. Although the main purpose of the heart and vessels is to lead the flowing blood throughout the body, clinical assessments of cardiac function are usually based on morphology, approximating the flow features by viewing the motion of the myocardium and vessels. Measurement of three-directional, three-dimensional and time-resolved velocity (4D
more » ... d velocity (4D Flow) data is feasible using magnetic resonance (MR). The focus of this thesis is the development and application of methods that facilitate the analysis of larger groups of data in order to increase our understanding of intracardiac flow patterns and take the 4D flow technique closer to the clinical setting.
doi:10.3384/diss.diva-99958 fatcat:hi7skwgv4jaxrhrvuoaoam53d4