1884 Science  
g r a p h i c tastc, ~v l~i c l i chnr:letei,i/;e tlie llousc o f t h i s inz~)~inzezc~-ltb~c~i~.e; b e m g u i~d c i tllc : t~~c l , inllnctliate c h a r g e o f so enlinrnt a n d able 311 a s t r o~l o m e ras T i s s e r a u d , we r e n t t u e to prediet for t h e ncm journal nil alrsl)icious frlture. GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS. Geo!ogical survey, Paleozoic linlco~ztolog?/. -D~t r i r~g Narc11 tlle survey turned over to the Satiiinal Ililtscilnr the coilection of Devonian fo.sils frorn tlie
more » ... fo.sils frorn tlie Eurelra district of Nevada. I t ernbmces t l~e Devollinn faiuia of central Nevada, dcscribetl by Mr. Cllal,les D. Walcott ill the paleontology of tlre Eureka district, esclt~sive of tlie Actirlozoa a i~d Cryozoa. I t coritaiirs 3,397 specimens, iilclading 203 specirs, S9 of wliicli are Brachiopoda,
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