Modeling and Power-Synchronization Control of Grid-Connected VSC-HVDC

Banothu Thavu, Thuraka Rajendra, Ravi Bukya, M Maheswararao, Banothu Thavu, Thuraka Rajendra, Ravi Bukya, M Maheswararao
2013 International Journal of Emerging Trends in Electrical and Electronics (IJETEE)   unpublished
In this project, a novel control method of grid-connected voltage-source converters (VSCs) is proposed. The method can be generally applied for all grid-connected VSCs but may be of most importance in high-voltage dc (HVDC) applications. Different from the previous control methods, the proposed method utilizes the internal synchronization mechanism in ac systems, in principle, similar to the operation of a synchronous machine. By using this type of power-synchronization control, the VSC avoids
more » ... ol, the VSC avoids the instability caused by a standard phase-locked loop in a weak ac-system connection. Moreover, a VSC terminal can give the weak ac system strong voltage support, just like a normal synchronous machine does. The control method is verified by both analytical models and time simulations. The implementation of this work is carried out in MATLAB/SIMULINK.